“Do you feel safe working as one of the Goa Private Companion?” 
That is an inquiry I get asked a lot – for the most part by ladies, who envision awful, brutish customers who reluctant ladies and book Goa Call Girls so they can carry on unreasonable dreams. 
The most ideal approach to be alright for Goa Private Companion is to work with me, as I need their young ladies to be protected so they can regularly sift through customers who may be dodgy and they set up different methodology for helping guard their young ladies. When my friends do outcall jobs for instance, they telephone to tell me when they have arrived and furthermore significantly when they are leaving the customer. 
I make it to clear to customers that cash is required in advance, so there is no danger of services being given and after that a customer declining to pay. If the cash isn’t there ideal from the start, we take off. Straightforward as. 
Now and again you do get made a request to do the kinkier stuff. There are customers who can’t get specific… services at home, might I say, so they look to an escort to give it to them. More often than not, it’s really agreeable, a little light control for instance. Furthermore, I can go up against either a lighlty perverted person or masochistic part – or more… 
However, regularly there are customers who need simply for me to take off before them with the goal that they can appreciate a youthful, excellent and bare female body. 
Dates are unique. Since they tend to occur in eateries, clubs and bars you generally feel safe on those sort of excursions since you are encompassed by other individuals.
I likewise have general well being looks up as well, as you can envision. I utilize the truism – no glove, no affection – and it generally appears to work. 
There will dependably be dangers when filling in as an escort, however I figure you could state that of generally occupations. I weighed up the dangers and the prizes and I chose the prizes boundlessly exceeded the dangers.

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