Mohit’s absence of experience with ladies had provoked his companions to book him an Exotic Elite Companion. 
As Mike viewed Ayesha’s lips approach his pole, he contemplated internally that it was clearly the best birthday exhibit he’d ever gotten. The fascinating Call Girl in Goa had come to meet him at a city hotel room and rapidly got down to business!
He shut his eyes as he felt her lips delicately brush the finish of his hard cockerel. The outcall customer opened them once more, reminding himself to appreciate each and every minute. The exotic companion eyes reached him and he felt his dick solidify significantly encourage – she was simply so attractive! Ayesha grinned intentionally, her tongue expanding and prodding the tip. 
She hadn’t stripped yet and Mohit was at that point near blowing his heap – he was plainly youthful and unpracticed yet resolved to keep going as far as might be feasible. Ayesha’s mouth shut around his dick and her lips slid down and up, down and up. The exotic elite companion was likewise youthful yet she certainly comprehended what she was doing! 
One of the exotic young elite girl’s hands strayed to his balls and gave them a crush. Mohit moaned in delight and motioned that he needed to stand. He needed to fuck her soon or he’d never find the opportunity. He didn’t need the cash of his companions to be squandered on just OWO – as spectacular as it might have been! No, he needed to fuck her and it must be now. 
Ayesha slid out of her pants to uncover a pink g-string. She at that point lifted her white shirt sufficiently only to uncover her sizeable bosoms encased in a splendid pink bra. She brought down her bra and out popped the 34D’s. Mike expected the hot elite companion to move back onto the bed yet rather she got some distance from him, her attractive ass shaking as she meandered over the balcony.
It created the impression that the outlandish young elite lady needed to take in the spectacular perspective of the Arab Sea similarly as Mohit had. In any case, at that point, it turned out to be certain that she had something as a top priority. Ayesha laid her arms on the overhang and twisted around somewhat, slipping her g-string to one side. 
She needed him to fuck her out on the overhang! Mohit moved toward her from behind and put his hands on her full ass. Giving it a press, he fixed up his swelling cockerel with the outlandish elite companion sparkling pussy and slid inside. She was so tight thus warm that Mohit could have come there and after that, paying little mind to the way that what they were doing was so public! 
It was a great job that they were so high up – few individuals set aside the opportunity to gaze so far toward the overhangs of the inn. Everyone’s eyes were on the Arab Sealife. However the possibility of being gotten just impelled the two on. The extraordinary Call Girls in Goa groaned delicately, her bosoms skipping forward and backward against the overhang railing.
By now Mohit was beating her from behind, his balls slapping against her. The fascinating young elite lady’s pussy was simply excessively immaculate and the outcall customer’s legs trembled as he felt a surge from his balls. His cum shot up through his dick and hit the hot elite companion pussy hard. He hadn’t kept going long however it had been a serious birthday present!

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