Three elite companions had been hired for an office party. The trio was comprised of Jiya, Siya, and Tiya. Having been introduced to the staggered, yet pleased office laborers, the three elite companions got to work. 

Being the most prevailing of the three, Tiya the Maharashtrian elite companion hadn’t delayed in getting right in on the activity. Striding over the workplace unquestionably, the attractive elite Goa Independent Girls had gotten one of only a handful couple of females and stuck her tongue down her throat. Eyes totally open in astound, the petite lady had reacted with zest, plainly turned on by the situation. 

Jiya the curvy South Indian had seen Tiya certainty and respected it. Prodded on by the other elite companion, she sat her huge, round ass on one of the work areas and hitched up her short brilliant dress. Her delicate dark thighs opened uncovering her shaved pussy which was sparkling at the possibility of being eaten out. One moderately aged man moved toward her and bowed down between the legs of the sensuous girl.

Without wavering he started to lick her pussy energetically, making Jiya groan with joy. The sexiest of elite companions tore her dress downwards, uncovering her gigantic dark tits. The men who had framed a semi-hover around her were nearly licking their lips at the possibility of sucking on the dark elite companion’s huge areolas. On observing this, Jiya pressed her huge bosoms together enticingly and smiled. 

Two of the more youthful office laborers drew nearer and each took an areola, sucking rigid. The joy was intense to the point that Jiya had just barely seen Sakura relatively shouting someplace behind her. Beyond any doubt enough, the elite companion was at that point being fucked rigid from behind. 

The sensuous girl had squandered no time in getting what she needed. Her school girl skirt was hitched up around her midsection while her school shirt was to a great extent ripped off, her minor titties ricocheting forward and backward as she was beaten. The three elite companions were presently all in on the activity and the gathering had surely taken a turn for the better!

Tiya the elite companion was currently stripping the female office worker who she had been French kissing. Around them various men jolted their cockerels, viewing the lesbian show unfurl. This was when things were getting extremely energizing. Snatching her own particular tits, Tiya pulled at the latex and the patches covering her bosoms tore off. 

Her splendidly adjusted bosoms fell free and ricocheted as the sensuous girl did likewise to the fix covering her pussy. Getting staring her in the face and knees, she prized separated the legs of the female office worker, pulling aside her underwear. On observing the lady’s pussy was splashing wet, she stuck two fingers inside and dodged her go to stimulate the clit with her tongue. She heard the youthful office specialist groan at being pleasured by a standout amongst other elite companions. 

Some of the workplace men surrounded them and the young office girl’s bra was expelled, uncovering her huge normal bosoms. A rooster was stuck in her mouth, while another was pushed into Tiya pussy. Both the Maharashtrian and South Indian girl were being fucked doggy style. Jiya the full figured dark companion was presently being fucked as the hot elite girl sat back in the work area, her huge bosoms ricocheting forward and backward as she was banged.

She felt a dick press against her lips and she happily opened them, inviting it. There were simply excessively numerous men for the elite companions to service and a significant number of the men had turned their considerations to a couple of female office workers. Others had basically wanked over the elite companions, and cum started descending upon every single Goa Independent Girl

The office party had turned into a full-scale blowout. The elite companions truly knew how to party, and notwithstanding all achieving shivering climaxes, they absolutely weren’t done yet!

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