He looked down at the North Indian Private Companion. Ayesha bowed at his feet. The busty companion was petite, her minute figure underlining the span of her vast, delicate bosoms. She watched him through thick eyelashes, her appearance one of hopeful fervor. Her arms were traversed her level stomach, holding up her huge tits, framing a profound cleavage, and a velvety, white repository. 
His body shivered with foresight, the weight in his bladder relentless. He ached for the discharge, however, was getting a charge out of influencing himself to pause. Ayesha the curvy companion bit her lower lip, unmistakably battling the inclination to ask for the brilliant shower he was promising her. He moved his feet, lifting them high as they adhered to the plastic sheeting they had laid over the sleeping cushion. Content with his position, he cleared his throat.
Are you prepared to receive; he stated, feeling his chicken begin to swell at the formal opening to proceedings.
Your vessel is prepared to receive; answered Ayesha.  
He moaned at her precisely articulated words. With a surge of joy, he discharged the weight in his bladder. Brilliant, hot piss poured over the elite companion ravishing bosoms, filling her cleavage with a profound bitter pool. Pee sprinkled over the curvy Escorts in Goa rich substance, streaming down her gut and between her smooth thighs. Ayesha heaved and chuckled, her hot body wriggling with enchant. The sight, sounds, and fragrance were erotic to the point that his chicken in a split second progressed toward becoming rock hard, sticking out at a tenacious angle.
Are you prepared to release?; he stated, viewing the elite companion eagerly.
Your vessel is prepared to release; addressed Ayesha.  
Then release!; he commanded. 
The curvy elite companion flung her arms out to the side and the profound pool of piss that had been held in her radiant cleavage spouted down her body, clearing over the plastic sheeting and splashing his feet. With a snarl, he bowed down in the puddle and drove Ayesha back. He slid between her wet thighs and push his chicken into her tight, wet pussy. 
Oh, yes!; she shouted out. The curvy companion lifted her thin, conditioned legs and wrapped them around his body, drawing him deep. 
Their bodies moved as one with a consistent mood. They fucked each other to wonderful insensibility, slipping and sliding, sprinkling in the puddle of piss. When he came it was with the fragrance of his pee solid in his nostrils and the elate cries of Ayesha ringing in his ears.

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