My name is Anand. I am a 24-year-old man who is single off-late. 
I am born and brought in Goa. I might want to mention here that I am pleased to be a Maharashtrian. 
I might likewise want to make it obvious here that my people are after my butt as they need to know why I am not dating anybody. Or then again in case, I’m explicitly okay or not? Whatever. I am unashamed in regards to what they think and how they think. 
I’m pleased with my single status. What’s more, I am an essayist, by calling. So when my cousin — who consistently ridicule me for my single status and a sexual life — welcomed me to the second commemoration gathering of his 2-year-former association with his sweetheart, I would not like to go at first, knowing I’d be essentially among couples. 
I wished to carry a young lady with me to stun my cousin, however, I had nobody: I at present am not dating anybody genuinely, and the main female companions I have are either lesbian or as of now in a dating relationship. 
And after that a sparkling thought stroke my cerebrum: I would employ somebody to run with me and posture as my better half for the night. In any case, at that point, I am excessively apathetic an ass. 
I’m as of now exhausted of hearing, “You’re entirely cool and brilliant, so for what reason wouldn’t you be able to discover a young Goa Call Girl?” People simply don’t waver to make inquiries like this to a single man without deduction to consider how they feel. 
Indeed, so far as that is concerned, I feel somewhat ostentatious as I don’t give a notice to society. I have a craving for changing the principles. To be extremely legitimate, I’ve achieved a point where I was so irritated with the repetitiveness of my adoration life that I was eager to take a stab at everything without exception once. 
Tinder happens to be one of the choices. Other choice included getting of any irregular chick from any arbitrary bar. But some way or another I would not like to take these choices. 
Consequently, I chose to take some other way. I dropped requested a lot of cash to an elite agency, Cheap Companions. Indeed, you read that effectively. I hired a young lady. 
Her name was Monica. She was from Nashik and she had come to Manchester to wind up a model. Being a lady with long legs, she remained at a noteworthy 5’6, only a couple of inches shorter than me. 
She wore an extraordinary smell. There was no doubt: The lady was strikingly attractive with respect to my measures, the reason being I am only an unremarkable person in the department of looks. In spite of the fact that, we figured out how to make a pleasant couple. 
She came to meet me at my loft, giving me simply enough time to give her sink access to my life. I disclosed to her that I’m an author looking for a decent story, and luckily, she was quiet enough to tune in and get it. 
“You’re sweet,” she said. I gave her a charming grin. 
We achieved the goal, where my cousin and his companions were at that point pausing. I went, welcomed them and presented my date. They shook her submit stunning and endorsement. 
“See that angel over yonder?” I whispered to Monica, indicating my cousin’s companion. “We’ve really liked each other everlastingly, yet I couldn’t make a move, and now she is dating my cousin’s companion.” 
“Got it,” she said. She started contacting my neck, and my stubble jaw and taking a gander at me insidiously. I was grinning. I knew my cousin and his companions will overflow with desire after this show of Monica. What’s more, I was somewhat getting a charge out of that sensation. 
Monica was to a great degree modest, enchanting and obviously – hot. She was a woman in each feeling of the word. She helped me with my jacket and set her head on my shoulder, giving me infrequent chills by moving her hands on my thigh. 
Obviously, she was a lady out of my group, and I would never date a young lady like her, yet I discovered her absence of entanglement charming. She once, amid the gathering in the midst of an interesting discussion with me, revealed to me that she needed to get hitched some time or another and it regarded hear that. Maybe I was affected by beverages yet would admit that I experienced passionate feelings for the night. 
Glasses after glasses of wine continued coursing as the night progressed. I was the jealousy of everybody in the room since she had moved her weight on my lap. Monica was the young lady each person needed to have in their arm, and each young lady would be desirous of. 
At the point when the gathering finished, my cousin needed to have a word with me. “Fella, you did right by me,” he said. “You discovered some extremely hot chick.” I was extremely happy to hear the approval of my cousin. It was ear satisfying in such a significant number of ways. 
I at long last waved farewell to my cousin’s companions and snatched Monica’s hand. She bolted her fingers into mine and it felt better. Also, however, I didn’t think back, I knew everybody watched us go. 
As midnight crawled up, we arranged farewells. 
“So… Would you jump at the chance to go to my apartment? I’m simply going to drink on the housetop,” I welcomed her to my place. 
For whatever length of time that you are paying for my opportunity!” she laughed. 
Also, we both headed inside my apartment.  
She had remained for an aggregate of three hours. Furthermore, it was incredible to spend some quality energy with a young lady.

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