A tall beauty, with hitting blue eyes with T and A. My background is Punjabi. I can be an evil little heavenly attendant! I want to relax, love to have some good times and pretend while I lose myself and enter another measurement. I am active, exceptionally liberal and willing to take a stab at anything, in any event, more than once!!! I can be your secretary with my business clothing or a wicked Goa Call Girl who grasps her wild side. 
My looks are beguiling. I arrive looking suitable for the day, time, and occasion; tasteful, attractive and unassuming… however, I have an exceedingly alluring side that could be a future habit. 
The tigress, I craving to uncovered my heart wild and free, Summer! 
Leisure activities/Interests: Swimming, inline skating, tennis, theatre plays. 
Most loved Cuisine: The Mediterranean, and French. 
Most loved Drink(s): Red wine, and Bourbon.