About Me

It’s been intense, I know. You’ve sought high and low, finished slope and dale. Be that as it may, finally you’ve discovered me: A wonderful, elegant, Indian Domina. 
My want to overwhelm men drove me normally to the universe of business. The ideal condition for me to flourish. I have a stable of submissives who provide food for my each need. They buckle down at keeping The Boss cheerful – constantly. 
When I’m not in the workplace, you may get me whipping the young men playing polo or maybe shopping in the boutiques with one of my reliable servant  to convey my sacks… 
Be that as it may, my most loved side interest by a wide margin is to play with, bother, control and be spoiled by men just like you.  
My interests are differed. See my ‘Service Page’ for broad list. I am a specific fanatic of CP, particularly the stick and love to have my truly measure 5.5 feet adored and touched.. 
There are many sides to my identity. I can be the unfeeling bitch whose sole want is to giggle and embarrass you; maybe I will grin as I hurt you; or basically tie you up and overlook you while I read the paper. Everything comes so normally to me as you will discover… . 
I want to meet with the novice as much as a prepared player. For whatever length of time that you are a genuine devotee to female prevalence and you follow over my essentials, we are certain to get along.. 
I love being taken shopping and ruined. I am energetic about fine feasting, human expressions and travel to different – different destinations to spend time with my admirers of Escorts Service in Goa
Fly me to your area or meet me in Goa. To serve and love the female is, as I’m certain you will concur, the absolute best solution for ‘official anxiety’s 
Until the point that we meet…