INR 1500 – 30 Minutes 
INR 2500 – 1 Hour 
INR 5500 – a hour and a half 
INR 7000 – 2 Hours 
INR 10,000 – 6 Hours
INR 15,000 – 12 Hours
INR 25,000 – for a day
INR 35,000 – for weekend
INR 60,000 – for a week
Extended Bookings Sessions For In Call Service With Me And Colleague Goa Escorts
. INR 12,000 special 4 hour package of maid for the day or extended sessions to incorporate restriction subjugation and so on this session incorporates full proficient make and essential errands if maiding. Generally confinement bondage or pen time/detachment for a time frame. Full communication more than four hours is at my full general rate above.  
. Overnight caging INR 12,000 to incorporate 2 hours play, refreshments, overnight confining, leave by 9 am. Accessible to existing customers with a non refundable £150 store to secure the session. 
. INR 30,000 Overnight package begins at either 6 pm/7 pm to include a two hour session, light feast, some down time together talking/social just, at that point resign at 11 pm (you rest in the den on the cushioned suspension servitude bed) Up at 7:30/8 am a morning shower, light breakfast/tea/espresso and afterward a 2 hour session, time to loosen up with an espresso and wrapping up by early afternoon only accessible to known existing customers. Non refundable payment of INR 10,000 payable ahead of time. 
Telephone Sessions 
All telephone sessions must be arranged 24 hours ahead of time least with cleared money installment to my ICICI account. 
Social Get-Together 
Participation to interest occasions/crunches POA, just accessible to those I have session with. 
Supper social dates accessible to the individuals who have only session at INR 5000 every hour in a row following a TWO hour session. Generally POA premise. 
Sensuous Body Massage 
For an hour long INR 8000
My accessibility is from 10 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday, Sat/Sundays 11 am to 6 pm. Same day meetings are just accessible to existing customer base or the individuals who have an open holding store officially paid. I do obviously plan days off, generally a few ends of the week so it’s best to book ahead where conceivable. 
All messages will be managed around the same time, if you can’t contact me by telephone please leave an instant message and I will discretely answer. 
Booking Process Of Goa Escorts Service
With an end goal to make it simpler for you evil freaks to get hold of Me and start our BDSM experience together, I figured I would obviously detail my booking procedure for every one of you. Take after the means beneath to get to know myself and my delightfully city! 
For New Clients 
Kindly note, new customer I require a payment to be left and this secures your meeting with Me. When I have met with you, I am more adaptable about this. Following the means underneath makes it less demanding for the two of us to sort out a meeting. For new customers I require 24 hours take note. 
Email Me – Your first purpose of contact ought to be email, please detail what you are searching for in a session and if you have beforehand gone to a Mistress. Keep this to two or three passages and I will react as fast as would be prudent. 
Follow up call – I will give you an opportunity to call me, to go over your necessities in more detail. I will likewise give you directions on how the payment is to be cleared out. 
Confirmation – 2 hours before your booking I will require a confirmation message and now you will be given the address points of interest. 
This procedure implies I can arrange for what sort of interest based deviancy we will get up to, and we can both get the most out of the experience. I love BDSM and I need to help indicate you precisely how much fun it is… 
For Existing Customers
When I have met you, the booking procedure is easier ! Call or content me to make your arrangement and affirm 2 hours prior. Notice implies I will probably have sufficient passion you are after, however a surprising bit of news is conceivable. If you neglect to confirm or show up I will require a deposit before I book you in once more.