Different Humiliations 

Especially love to mortify a slave slithering under my feet, to spit all over, let my salivation stream into his completely open mouth, affront and slap him, put his penis in a pen and different types of CBT, influence him to lick my feet while holding him tight with a short lead, prepare him like a canine, show him daze dutifulness, and, at last, sit all over and control his breath while a dildo stuck in his rear-end continually helps him to remember his submission to authority… 


Fetishist slaves are welcome. Whether your fixation is to revere my feet or whether it concentrates on shoes, boots, calfskin or latex garments, or on bodices, will be amazed by my creativity and the way will enable you to completely express and experience your dream. Since your dream is additionally our passion. Love directing – with strict specialist – a sexual, sexy and baffling play propelled by your dreams 

Face sitting

When I will have exotically and energetically sat all over – wearing latex, calfskin, bind or … nothing – you will always remember the experience and will ask for additional. I feel extremely energized when I control your breath, solidly sitting all over, utilizing it like a sex toy… I adore it when you breathe in my fragrance and when your capacity to inhale again is reliant on my will. Leaving my ‘femme fatale’ aroma on you is a present which not all slaves merit.

Chains, Bondage And Binds

The art of shibari, which I learnt from two different experienced Goa Female Escorts, worsens my imagination while bandaging your penis or different parts of your body, and I appreciate utilizing hued ropes to transform you into a solidified powerless bit of fine art. Be that as it may, I additionally adore the coldness and weight of chains and binds, and also utilizing your belt as a lead or your bow-tie as a blindfold. Mummification with straightforward plastic is additionally one of my extraordinary entertainment… 

Candles and wax

I adore the environment made by candles and incense. Not amazing for an Oriental Mistress… I cherish the moving shadows made by flame lights in my dull cell. Towards the finish of a session, when my candles are loaded with hot wax, I appreciate spilling a couple of hot drops on your penis and body. It’s my own specific manner to stamp you and to leave brief updates on your skin.

Torment Of Your Tits

It’s stunning all that should be possible to poor little tits, with a couple of hooks and some imagination. For instance, I appreciate including weights, penetrating your tits with disinfected needles, restricting everything together with a rope and pulling that rope with my teeth for included enduring. At that point, once your tits are without set from this, I typically can’t avoid additionally tormenting them with my teeth, nails, hot wax, ice… 


One of my most noteworthy delights is to walk everywhere on a slave’s body, with or without high foot sole areas, gently or not, with a specific concentrate on his penis and balls. I cherish watching his delighted face around then of extreme loss of control. You might be permitted to browse an assortment of lovely boots and shoes. Will you ask for sharp metallic foot rear areas or for delicate, less coldblooded ones? Or, on the other hand will you rather securely settle on my uncovered feet, or for the contact of my fragile latex or silk leggings?


Normally, my definitive joy is to enter you with one of my various lash on dildos while you are bound and choked, or cuffed on every one of the fours, or tied up and totally open on a therapeutic table… I may pick an electric, vibrating or swelling dildo… or I may think that its more think that its more charming to exhibit my clench hand fucking aptitude on you…

CBT – Ball Busting

I know superbly well how a lady can lead a man by his penis… and I will do as such after precisely tying up your penis and balls separated. For my fulfillment, I will include paws and weights and crush your balls until the point that you feel mutilated. In the event that you can stand it, I will likewise tenderly penetrate them with needles. Once warmed up that way, I won’t not avoid the enticement of hitting your penis and balls with my hands or feet until the point that you truly ask for benevolence. 


As a matter of fact, notwithstanding when the gear is appropriately homologated and superbly sheltered, it is to some degree startling for a slave to get electric stuns on his penis or tits or in his butt. Yet, the slave’s responses are amusing to the point that I think that its difficult to oppose the cruel joy of slowly ingraining that imperceptible companion in his body, while likewise steadily imparting unfounded yet overpowering trepidation in his psyche. Dread. Continuously.

Cross-Dressing – Sissy Kid

I appreciate feminizing men. The individuals who so wish might be permitted to acquire skirts, girdles, tights, shoes, wigs and make-up from me. When you are changed, I will be cheerful to show you how to stroll with high foot rear areas, sit, stand and walk carefully like a genuine woman … or I may drive you to submit to my vicious impulses and treat you simply like a little prostitute enslaved in a brothel.

Elegant Discipline

Dressed as an elegant teacher, my skirt concealing my fasteners from your sight, I will show you the genuine importance of “Elegant Discipline”, like in past times worth remembering. You will be to a great degree neighborly, devoted and humble, and any mix-up will draw in serious discipline. Stick is one of my most loved disciplinary tools… 


Attached to my therapeutic table, legs completely open, you will see me turn into the medical attendant of your dreams, skillfully rubbing and broadening your rear-end, cleaning your within, penetrating your penis or tits with disinfected needles… And do remember that, as a sexual clench hand fucking darling, I will likewise love to gradually embed one finger… two fingers… my hand… my arm – till my elbow – in your butt…


Whips and sticks are augmentations of my spirit, and my spirit gives them musicality, sexiness and quality. All whippings and caning mirror my refinement and sensitivity, and are gone for the body parts which I select intuitively. I can be delicate or hard, delicate or strict, contingent upon the slave’s resistance to torment. I take mind never to destroy the experience by hitting too hard or going too far. With or without marks !

What’s Prohibited

I am and my colleague Goa Independent Escorts are real, way of life, dominatrix. In like manner, just do what we like and what energizes us. No sex with us will ever be conceivable and you are exhorted never to request it. Normally, I will never consent to make any exceptional enduring or forever stamp anybody, regardless of whether by hitting, consuming, scarifying, inking or something else. Similarly, I won’t do anything that may be unsafe or for which I would not feel exceptionally qualified. To wrap things up, I won’t endure any absence of regard or any forcefulness, independent of the conditions, and any break of this lead will consequently, promptly and unavoidably end any relationship I may have with the guilty party.